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Month: October 2022

Unraid Upgrade – EMC KTNSTL3

I recently updated my Unraid to use an EMC KTNSTL3 storage array. I use a lot of small drives which are really cheap.

So far it’s working great. Bought it on eBay.

I’m using SATA drives so you need to buy the Interposers. They turn your SATA into SAS drives so they fit in the caddy.

You’ll need 15 of them otherwise you can use straight SAS drives.

There does appear to be one quirk you need to know. Only one set of the SAS controllers reads SATA drives. I think it’s the bottom one so hook up your mini SAS cables there.

Also, I had some 14TB drives that I just installed and they kept giving me an “unsupported partition layout”. To fix this I just had to reboot the Unraid box. I’m not sure why but it worked after that.

You’ll also need a SAS card as well. I have the LSI 9200-8e. Something like the pic below. You can buy them on eBay too. I like this seller .

There was some useful information below however it related to TrueNAS.

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Finally, put a Spanish wordlist together.

I could finally put a Spanish wordlist together to tie it in with my Wordle Spanish app because the original dictionary I had was not very good and I was getting complaints about some words being used. It was true. I found some words in the original wordlist that were not even Spanish.

So here is the new list that was created with some help from other repos.

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