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Category: Shell

bash script to clean up directories

# Define the directory to search (you can change this to the desired directory)

# Array of file extensions to delete
EXTENSIONS=("*.txt" "*.srt" "*.nzb" "*.sup" "*.ac3" "*.dts" "*.sample.*" "*.srr")

# Counters for deleted files and directories

# Loop through the array and delete the files, counting each deletion
for EXT in "${EXTENSIONS[@]}"; do
    count=$(find "$DIR" -type f -name "$EXT" -print -delete | wc -l)
    deleted_files=$((deleted_files + count))

# Find and delete empty directories, counting each deletion
count=$(find "$DIR" -type d -empty -print -delete | wc -l)
deleted_directories=$((deleted_directories + count))

# Output the counts
echo "Deleted $deleted_files files with extensions ${EXTENSIONS[*]}."
echo "Deleted $deleted_directories empty directories."

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